A "Fastwalker" is our term used to describe an object or objects moving across the lunar disc.  Alexey Arkhipov, an astronomer in Prague, refers to these as "FMOs" or "Fast-Moving Objects".

FW-XXXXXX- FMO Near Tycho Videotaped In Japan
FW-950511 - Tele Vue Genesis-sdf refractor tracks object 10-15 seconds (no video)
FW-950808 - Konig 080895 - Unknown Tracked By Steven Massey in Australia
FW-061797 - Four FMOs Traverse Lunar Face
FW-092998 - Lunascan Project MPS Track of Strange Object: A Jet!!!
060105-fastwalker crosses Moon's face (You Tube)

Reports & Papers
Strolling Astronomer, Feb 1997 Vol. 39, No. 3 - Fast-Moving Lunar Phenomena (Alexey V. Arkhipov)

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