(Above) Transient Lunar Phenomena at Gassendi on April 30 and May 1, 1966.
Shaded areas mark the color phenomena seen to spread across the crater.

The Lunascan Project makes no claims regarding the following observations. Since the provider lists numerous anomalies from many Clementine images, the links are provided here for your consideration and represent a directory of anomalies for Section 52, in particular, Gassendi crater.

 The following is provided by anomalous-images.com:


This mosaic is processed from raw data from Clementine mission. Image Meta Data is available for the raw image LUB10112.GIF, which is at the approximate center of the crater Gassendi. This mosaic of Clementine images from orbit 314 shows what appears to be a moon base and mining operation. These images are online on NASA's Clementine Navigator.
This mosaic showing the inside of the right rim of Gassendi as shown in the previous mosaic. This image is inverted from the previous mosaic, with north toward the bottom of the image. Notice that this 'mining area' is opposite of the piles of tailings outside of the right side of Gassendi as seen in the first mosaic of Gassendi.


This mosaic shows Gassendi, and the smaller crater Clarkston with the same orientation, north to the bottom of the image.


This mosaic shows the front of Gassendi. Notice the unusual triangular formation, and other linear features.


This is another view to the right of the image above, taken from a later orbit. Note the strange oval object spanning the large boulders.

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