The Lunascan Project
Subject: Mission 34-1; Possible Re-Imaging of the Blair Cuspids

This is one of the best Earth-Based Telescopic Images (EBTI)  of the Sea of Tranquility.  At the far upper left where the  four craters  sit on a small smooth plain, is where we want to go on a mission to the Blair Cuspids. The second of the two larger craters is Cayley, a 14.3 km crater situated south of the smaller crater, Ariadaeus B. To the right of that crater is a smoother area that, under higher resolution has some kilometer-sized craters (not visible here) where the enigmatic objects cast their long shadows.

The area above takes in parts of four Rukl Sections. Upper left, Section 34. Upper right, Section 35. The bottom half is a big part of Sections 44 & 45. Lunar Orbiter II took some fantastic images in this area in 1966 while looking for a smooth landing spot for the then upcoming Apollo 11 mission three years later in July of 1969.  Prior to the LO imaging, Ranger 6 & 8 crashed less than 75 km NE of Tranquility Base, and Surveyor 5 soft-landed about 30 km N, so all of the attention and U.S. presence was to the upper right. And although we would also like see a new mission to the area near the big crater at top center, 26 km-with Arago, our attention is now focussed at Ariadaeus B: The home of the Blair Cuspids. 

Section 34                                              Section 35