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KONIG 080895 - A Most Remarkable Sighting

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This report and Konig 080895 images are by kind permission of Mr. Steve Massey


In an email to Francis Ridge (Coordinator of The Lunascan  Project (USA)) on Tue, 16 Feb 1999 01:17:44 +1100:, Steve Massey (Australia) filed this "Fastwalker Report" report:

"I have attached for your interest, an image I captured with a video camera on August the 8th 1995. At arc seconds apparent diameter, this object transited the moon in 12 seconds and still has not been satisfactorily explained. The nearest crater to the object is Konig."

Regards, Steve Massey,

Original Report and Presentation by Graham H. Stewart - UFOtec

Mr. Steve Massey

Residence - Dee Why - New South Wales

Time and date of observation:
00.30 to 00.40 Hrs EST 08/08/95

Object's location:
Object seen passing over the northern quadrant of the Mare Humorum a little south of the crater "Gassendi". This area is located in the lower south I west quadrant of the Moon.

Object visible for:
0.74 of a second as determined from video sequence at normal running speed.

Equipment used:
10" Meade Reflector Telescope fitted with clock drive unit for tracking. The eyepiece used at the time of observation was a 25 mm focal length of f4.5 rating together with a 2x barlow lens. The telescope mirror was 1l40 mm. In addition to this, a video camcorder set at 8x zoom and was hand-held at the eyepiece to record the moon's surface features. The total magnification ratio was as follows - 1140 mm divided by 25mm = 45.6x + 2x barlow = 91.2x + camcorder 8x zoom = 729.6x.

Moon details:
At the time of observation the Moon was in the western quadrant at 39.40 degrees above the horizon. It was 8/10ths illuminated with the full Moon due 110895. See (visual) direction graphic for astronomical  position data.

Steve is a keen amateur astronomer and has been interested in the subject since an early age. He has an excellent knowledge of astronomy and uses a 10" Meade Reflecting Telescope fitted with a drive unit for tracking. At between 30 to 40 minutes after midnight on the 8th of August he was videotaping an area of the Moon known as the Mare Humorum in the general vicinity of the crater Gassendi. He was hand holding a camcorder set at maximum zoom ratio of x8 up to the telescope eyepiece and while watching through the viewfinder, noticed an object enter the field of view from the lower right just above the crater "Konig" moving at extremely high speed to disappear out of the field of view in the upper left.

One of the original printouts from the 26 frame video sequence showing the anomalous object just after it had entered the field of view. It is seen to the lower right of shot just above the crater Konig. It was from these early sequence prints that the elliptical shape became apparent. The rounding effect to the right is cut-off is cut-off from the telescope eyepiece.

One of the gamma enhanced images of Konig 080895. From this, its very distinct elliptical shape and overall uniformity was confirmed. There is also evidence in this enhancement suggesting a darker central mass. This image is frame number 2 from the original 26 frame sequence.


1. Mercator  2. Konig 
3. Agatharchides  4. Hippalus 
5. Cape Kelvin  6. Campanus 

End of Initial Report

See preliminary analysis  for detailed studies of Konig 080895

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