Dated: October 1, 1997

Provided by Jon Floyd, VestAJes@aol.com, VGL Group

For those that are unfamiliar with the Clementine mapping mode these images are taken as Clem was moving northward in orbit. However clem was facing southward taking the individual images. In this case I use the UV-Vis camera and the E filter. This first image is the Endymion south crater rim.

Endymion is a prominent walled crater about 125 KM wide, that as luck would have it, Clementine flew directly over on orbit 280. I have converted to JPG, 6 of the series that went over the crater. Each pixel is equal to about 200 meters after compression losses, velocity smear, and image conversion distortion are taken into account.

LUE43500.jpg. Subject: Endymion south rim 1
LUE43830.jpg. This image shows enough of the previous image to allow matching the major deatures to allow the viewer to make a strip.
LUE44160.jpg. This is the floor of the Crater showing some post formation craters and some interesting ejecta ray effects.
LUE44490.jpg. More of the crater floor.
LUE44150.jpg. The north Rim and last of the strip.