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December 24, 1966

Cropped Lunar Orbiter image

The landing site for Luna 13 in this Lunar Orbiter image (LO4-162H3) is a little more difficult to illustrate because the point is almost out of frame. The crater at left is the eastern portion of the 43-km Seleucus in Section 17. Notice the very small crater almost on the bottom of the frame. The Luna 13 landing site is about 40 km NE of that. See chart below. The large crater at upper right is Schiaparelli in Section 18.

SE portion of Section 17


The Luna 13 spacecraft was launched toward the Moon from an earth-orbiting platform and accomplished a soft landing on December 24, 1966, in the region of Oceanus Procellarum. The petal encasement of the spacecraft was opened, antennas were erected, and radio transmissions to Earth began four minutes after the landing. On December 25 and 26, 1966, the spacecraft television system transmitted panoramas of the nearby lunar landscape at different sun angles. Each panorama required approximately 100 minutes to transmit. The spacecraft was equipped with a mechanical soil-measuring penetrometer, a dynamograph, and a radiation densitometer for obtaining data on the mechanical and physical properties and the cosmic-ray reflectivity of the lunar surface. It is believed that transmissions from the spacecraft ceased before the end of December 1966. 

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