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August 18, 1976

The NW portion of Rukl Section 38

The SE portion of the Sea of Crisis (Mare Crisium) is presented in this NW quadrant of Rukl Section 38. Th Russian space probe and lander Luna 24 touched down near the eastern rim. Seven years earlier (July 21, 1969)  Luna 15 crashed about 50 km SW of this position. 

Larger version of LO4-191H3

The entire feature of Mare Crisium covers four Lunar sections: 26,27,37,38. Resembling a giant crater, this feature is 570 km across and is a lunar basin of impact origin. Long ago the floor was submerged under thick layers of lava. 

Although there are a number of images from Lunar Orbiter of the region of the Sea of Crisis, only one covers the entire feature. Luna 24 landed in the SE quadrant which is not well lit in this image. 

Luna 24

The last of the Luna series of spacecraft, the mission of the Luna 24 probe was
the third Soviet mission to retrieve lunar ground samples (the first two were returned by Luna 16 and 20). The mission successfully returned 170 grams of lunar samples to the Earth on 22 August 1976.

Other Lunar Orbiter Views orbiter/img/4-62H1.jpg orbiter/img/4-61H2.jpg orbiter/img/4-54H3.jpg

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