Comment On Reported LTP In Maurolycus
The Lunascan Project

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The following information has been obtained by The Lunascan Project in regard to the reported LTP in Maurolycus on August 6th of 2000. But first, a little background: Maurolycus is a vast walled plain with central peaks.

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 LO4-100H2 ............................... LO4-107H2

It is 114 km wide and the peaks are 4730 meters high. It can best be seen in two of three HR Lunar Orbiter images. Both images, left (LO4-100H2) and right (LO4-107H2) show the same bright hazy spot at the "5-o'clock" position as the image by Gundlach and Darling. The only difference is the Gundlach image is "flipped" horizontally. If an observed "anomaly" appears in archived photos or during similar lighting conditions (colongitude), chances are the feature is caused by sun reflection. Although possible gaseous emmisions could be observed near such sites as Tycho's peak during identicle lighting conditions, this particular instance appears to be representaive of nothing more than reflected sunlight.

Francis Ridge
The Lunascan Project

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