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 Subject:  Researching the "shard"

 (1) lo3_m84, The Original            (2) L3-84m, Enlarged           (3) Shard/Cube Enhansed
 (4) Approx Coords in Section 43             (5)  Plate 161 & Shadow        (6) Shard Location From Plate 3-22

Figure 1. The NASA image that started it all.  The image, lo3_m84, is the correct orientation of the original and must be turned upside down to study.  Note the "bimat pull-apart line".

Figure 2.  is the most common type of enlargement, showing the "Shard" and the "Tower & Cube" to upper left.

Figure 3.  is a much greater enlargement.

Figure 4.  shows the approximate coordinates in Section 43 (Lalande) of the "Shard" at 3.8 S, 7.5 W.  The box to contain the suspected area for some reason doesn't show up on this image in the web page, but is in the original I made.  The line represents the top of the "box".The red dot placed there by Lan Fleming shows the location given by Hoagland, the blue dot the apparent actual location.

Figure 5. is Plate 161 which represents one of the best Earth-Based Telescopic Images, found in the "New Photographic Atlas of the Moon".  No "Shard" or shadow is noted when enlarged.

Figure 6.  is a photo, Plate # 3-22 found in the "Pictorial Guide To The Moon", where one Lunascan member thought he had found the "Shard" and its shadow.  However, the coordinates are incorrect and the "shadow" turned out to be the shadow inside a crater wall.
Update: 20170113
Mark Carlotto's computer "flyover" analysis
Lalande 43   The Shard