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M118769870L & Discovery Report Tour of Paracelsus Area & NASA Cover-up Imaged Again Jan 1, 2017 & NASA Silence


The anomaly found by the Lunascan Project on images of Paracelsus C on the lunar Far Side was a major event in June of 2016. Our team of Mark Carlotto, Fran Ridge, and Ananda Sirisena released both our paper and an analysis video five months later in November.  NASA's LRO had imaged the formation four times since 2010 but not recently, and has made no comments after we sent them our reports. Dr. Paul Davies of LRO had suggested in several of his papers that we should be looking for such things on the Moon.  And NASA's John Keller had been working with Fran Ridge on several projects. Contact with all NASA sources ended almost immediately, but on August 2nd, Sirisena found an image taken just weeks after our last contact with NASA officials!  M1237871462R had been a target of interest on January 1st of this year! * Even before that, last spring Ridge discovered that LRO had changed the compelling image on the ActReact zoom-in Map to one much less interesting. As of this date the team's analysis video has had 24,805 hits! The paper itself has been read by over 1407 scientists and other researchers. 

This summer (Aug 6) Ridge made email contact with two new LRO officials and discussed LRO's extended mission.  My first new contact was Craig Tooley, the new Project Manager of LRO.  Tooley confirmed that LRO has been on several extended missions. Ridge advised Tooley of the discovery and asked who would be the best person at LRO to query about them. Tooley suggested Mark Robinson, in charge of LROC Camera. Once I brought up the anomalies and asked their opinion, even if the anomalies were some form of surfaced lava tube, everything went silent and I never heard from either man again. To see our web page, which includes the links (at bottom) to the video and paper at

LRO/LROC-NAC Observations at point (testing Map Projected NACs) LRO/LROC-NAC Observations at point (testing Map Projected NACs)

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M118769870L was imaged on 1/22/2010
M1115441699L, 2/14/2013
M1153132512R, 4/26/2014
M1168450258L, 10/20/2014
M1237871462R, 1/1/2017 (see last image below)

Aug 6, 2017
To: Mark Robinson, LROC Camera

We were excited to hear about LRO's extended missions and hope to see some new adventures near and on the Moon in the years ahead. It helps to know that LRO is not just a great thing we did in the past, but an ongoing lunar mission.  As you know, great discoveries help fuel future missions and appropriations. In that regard I can't think of anything of more interest than what Carl Sagan once told us and what Paul Davies was saying less than a decade ago, about finding potential artifacts indicating man's presence (before a mass extinction) or ET in ancient times. In fact, we were told to look for such evidence and that's why The Lunascan Project was formed in 1997. We re-investigated a lot of false claims and the project concentrated on such things as the "Blair Cuspids", and with David Williams from National Space Science Data Center we found another footprint image showing the formation and exactly where it was. When LRO imaged the area several years ago we were able to explain what these objects were. Not towers on the Moon but boulders and long shadows. In June of last year we found an LRO image of a very interesting formation on the lunar far side in Paracelsus C. It looked artificial but very very old with cratering overlaying what appeared to be ramped-up fortifications. We then found 3 other images of the same area under different lighting conditions. LRO imaged the area again on Jan 1st of this year.'re leaning towards a possible surfaced lava tube end as an explanation but we never received a reply from anyone regarding this. Has anyone on your Team expressed an opinion on this interesting feature which should be an inspiration for an unmanned mission sometime soon on NASA's return to the Moon? The YouTube video we made, with now over 24,500 hits in six months illustrates the public interest is high on things like this. in your comments.

Fran Ridge
Coordinator, The Lunascan Project

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