Earth-based telescopic image                                Apollo 16 image
Image above by Higashida
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Torricelli is a strange-looking crater, 23 km in diameter. Its western wall is open and linked with a smaller crater, so that the whole formation apperas pear-shaped. Torricelli is located in the  SE quadrant of the Moon about 150 km NNE of Theophilus. One of the sites for Lunar Transient Phenomena, more details regarding Torricelli can be found at:

AS16-4525(P) - Elongated crater Torricelli near N. margin of Mare Nectaris (SP-362,229)
Torricelli Monitoring Section - UAI
On Torricelli B - Monitoring the Crater -GLR Group
Results of Torricelli B observations - Torricelli B newsletter (Feb.18)

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