October 3, 1997


During the Endymion discussions, in a message dated 97-10-03 12:43:07 EDT, you write:

<< Mark, Can you help us out here? Fran >>

I asked Lan Fleming if he could break the code and he did. What Mark did was use the original numbers used by the NRL folks for the Clem downlink. Each of the images have both the original and the standard in the text. I then went surfing orbit 150 from about 30 degrees north to 60 degrees north. That is a good area for good images. I am looking at the closer images now.

It is interesting to note that the image parameters are adjustable from the ground control. That is the compression ratio, standard deviation etc. In the early orbits 1-30 they played around with these parameters to see the effect on the images. I haven't had time to fully analyze the effects yet but that had total control over image quality from Control. The bottom line is those poor quality images from Sinus Medii were deliberate. They knew precisely what they were doing because they had already tried the various parameters in the early orbits.

They could have been taking photographic quality images all along.