Date: Fri, 29 Sep 2000 18:39:53 -0000

Fran, was curious whether you were able to do any scanning of Tycho last week?  I did not have too many opportunities but on the morning (very early morning) of the 20th I did do some video of a number of lunar features including Tycho.  Seeing conditions were only fair (good transparency, but lots of turbulence), but I was able to capture two images seperated by about an hour (sorry I cannot be precise).  I can report no obscuring of the central peak region was apparent with my 10 inch aperture instrument and only fair seeing conditions.

I shall send along the two images off line.

For those intersted in some of the other lunar images I acquired that morning visit my "Latest Stuff" page at
I was finally able to record the craterlets on the floor of Plato!

Clear skies as Luna is again in the evening sky,


Here are the September 20th images of Tycho.  The first image was made at approximately 1115UTC, the second 1230UTC.  Seeing conditons were deteriorating as dawn approached.

Jim Ferreira


I guess you missed the sunrise on Tycho? Anyway, we were rained out. Couldn't even set up. Besides, the mount was damaged so bad from dampness we couldn't have done anything anyway. Did you notice the two images you provided above are stereo? Great job!