Tycho from LO5

High-res Lunar Orbiter 5 image
High-res blow-up

Made fairly early in the morning by Lunar Orbiter 5, reveals much more of the detail of the walls, floor, and flanks of Tycho. Some of the numerous domes on the floor appear to have summit pits and may be volcanic cones or fissures. Molten lava also seems to have welled among the slumping walls at the south of the crater. Plate 8-8, made under a moderately high afternoon sun, has been printed to emphasize the narrow bright rim of Tycho. At both the inner and outer edges of the rim the slopes appear to begin so suddenly that they indicate a sharp breakaway. At various places both within and outside the bright ring can be seen the rim craters that are an almost universal accompani ment of the large craters, whether or not they are sites of violent explosions. The detail of this picture is different in almost every way from that of Plate 8-5. It would almost appear that features of entirely different shape had replaced most of those shown on the latter plate. As in the case of Copernicus the reason is rather obvious: Plate 8-5 depends mainly on shadows and roughness but Plate 8-8 depends primarily on variations in the reflectivity of the surface. The two plates correlate quite well insofar as the truly explosive features are concerned; the quiescent features, on the other hand, display almost no correlation.

In this awesome image Surveyor 7 scans the Tycho horizon.

 This even more awesome Tycho image, was obtained with the Clementine spacecraft.

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