Earth-based telescopic image                        Cropped Lunar Orbiter image
 EBTI  of Ukert, north at top  (Ferreira)
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Full-sized version of Lunar Orbiter image  LO4-102H2
Francis Ridge:
An interesting region, the image by Jim Ferreira above represents only the center half of Section 33. Ukert is the 23-mile-wide crater in the center. A recently-found image by Legault (Ukert bottom right) is even more revealing in detail. (Enlargement)  In the cropped LO frame at top right I present one of two images, all that we apparently have from the Lunar Orbiter series. Part of Ukert is at the very bottom of one frame (H2), and only a sliver at the top of the other (H1). For the full images, click the links provided. 
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