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Through its numerous dossiers, descriptions and reports written in French, for which a translation module is provided in the left menu, the objective of the LUXORION project is to initiate you into astronomy and more widely to sciences and technologies participating to the progress of our time.

You will find on this site many articles written in French dealing with the history of astronomy, astrophysics, planetology, bioastronomy, cosmology, astronautics, the theory of relativity, quantum physics, not to forget meteorology, ecology and technologies among other fields described in the easiest and pleasant way possible.

In a more philosophical frame, two dossiers are dedicated to the philosophy of sciences and to religions.

In parallel, to satisfy amateurs, numerous articles deal with observation techniques such as astrophotography, radio astronomy, completed with technical reports, not to forget the amateur research.

In addition, articles written in French are dedicated to instruments but also too sciences like biology and anthropology, to technologies including computer sciences among others, and military activities, this set being supported by an important library (mainly in French).

At last, to relax, in the section dedicated to art are displayed illustrations, pictures and videos.

Today, LUXORION project is mature and provides information that, I hope, will satisfy your curiosity in offering you the feeling to be somewhere linked to the cosmos.

If, here and there, at the corner of a paragraph or at the end of a chapter, I could have moved you, I will have achieved my goal !

This site offers you about 22 GB online, more than 850 articles representing more than 2100 educational pages, more than 28000 pictures, 325 animations and video, 484 sound recordings, the review of 162 software including 58 programs related to HF propagation predictions and beacon monitoring, and 677 eyepieces as well as a directory listing over 1740 categorized hyperlinks.

Not only these are in general in depth-articles but a special effort has been made to accompany them with scientific references (in the form of hyperlinks or literary references at the bottom of the page and at the end of the article) insisting on presenting only scientifically substantiated or verified information. The illustrations also come from first hands or I created them specifically to illustrate this subject.

Close to 1.8 million readers have visited the LUXORION website since its creation in 2000 with an average of 200 visitors daily (with peaks exceeding 500 daily visitors depending on news), without to mention direct accesses to internal pages via search engines.

Appearance of the LUXORION website as it is archived on the between 2000-2006 and since 2007. For left to right, respectively in 2000, 2002, 2005 and 2011. It all started with 120 articles, 500 pages and 1500 images representing 500 MB of data. There were more than 200 articles in 2001. Most subjects and dossiers were in place around 2004 when the site contained more than 1 GB of data. There was 500 articles in 2010. Today there are more than 850 articles distributed on 2100 pages illustrated with 28000 images plus some videos and sound recordings, for a total of 22 GB online. In other words, summary articles and allusions to certain subjects have become feature articles which individual pages are on average 3 times longer than in 2000 (~120 KB/page instead of 44 KB/page).

You are about 30% of english-speaking readers including 14% of Americans and Canadians, and 70% of french-speaking readers, the remaining being shared by the other nationalities (in particular belgian, swiss, english, german, italian and countries from northern Maghreb). 70% of readers are Europeans. In total, readers from 213 countries have visited the LUXORION website.

As reveal these many partners, this site is also referred in good place on many europeans and overseas portals. I thank you all for your interest to this site as well as for your many encouragements.

Good reading !

"I am not young enough to know everything", Oscar Wilde.


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