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Reports & Reviews

Astrophotography, optics and more

Reports written in French

Download (Historical works, PDFs, converters, calculators, sounds, catalogs, and links)

Resolutions & agreements

Regulations about space, astronomy and environment

Digital Darkroom

Image Gallery

Don't be afraid of CCD

The digital darkroom

Composites by examples

Infrared and ultraviolet photography

The rendering time in Terragen

The solar analemma, by Anthony Ayiomamitis

The transits of Venus

Optics & Instruments

The market of solar telescopes

Overview of some accessories for your scope

The best of the best star diagonals

Light pollution rejection filters : UHC vs UltraBlock

Useful filters for viewing deep-sky objects, by David Knisely, PAC

All you need to know about optical aberrations

Coating, anti-reflection and dispersion

Celestron 8 Ultima 2000 vs Meade 8 LX200 Classic

How to select an eyepiece ?

Short eyepiece for the Celestron Nexstar 5

Tele Vue zoom 8-24mm 

Practical formulae

Optics quality

How to clean a corrector plate ?

How to correct coma ?

Technical matters

Review of Imaging software

Overview of planetarium and other astronomy software

To buy or not from overseas ?, a matter of price and rights

Why stars don't shine at daytime ?, the eye and CCD

Amateur Research

Amateur or professional ?

List of research programs

Supernovae search

Eureka : if you find something unusual

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