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126 sounds

Audio and sounds files

Radio amateur communications and other transmissions

Here are some tens of very special audio files recorded during amateur radio activities like aurora traffic, meteor scatter, communications with ISS crew and the sound of various transmission modes that you can hear on HF and VHF bands. Multi-mode decoders can translate these messages. Read also my history of amateur radio for more detail about the history of AMTOR and other PSK31 mode (mainly from years 1980s).

You will find on this page numerous scientific recordings like the sound of meteor showers, auroral emissions, geomagnetic storms, solar flares, jupiter hisses and bursts, pulsars, natural phenomena, and more.

You will find on this page recordings related to astronautic events, transmissions from satellite and other spacecrafts, as well as reports from astronauts and cosmonauts on orbit.

You will find on this page commentaries extracted from films, sounds and music samples used on this site to illustrate some subjects. 

Check also my animations for hundreds other videos and films.

In addition, audio CDs gathering sounds of tens of transmission modes can be purchased from Gerhard Beck and Klingenfuss websites.

Documents listing a call sign or a link are on loan by their author and copyrighted. If you want to use these files, please ask first the permission to the concerned person. Even if a QSO can be assimilated to a public transmission on the air, shared with listeners too, like any intellectual activity, the QSO's initiator holds the right to grant or deny the publishing of his or her communication.


Oldies and Historical Events

86 KB

CBS interrupting its programs to announce the airraid on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941

528 KB

The Message of President Roosevelt qualifying the airraid on Pearl Harbor as a "day of infamy".

64 KB

BBC "V" jingle with german jam. Message recorded in 1944

325 KB

"Ici Londres. Veuillez écouter maintenant quelques messages personnels.

 L'éléphant s'est cassé une défense, nous répétons..."

158 KB

"Les sanglots longs des violons de l'automne, bercent mon coeur d'une langueur monotone"...  

 (D-Day started next day). Two recordings reconstituted

87 KB

"Clémentine peut se curer les dents"... Recording reconstituted

172 KB

Reconstitution of the Titanic (MGY) CW transmission at 21 WPM partly covered with noise and fading sending "...MGY CQD SOS SOS CQD CQD DE MGY WE ARE SINKING FAST PASSENGERS KEIN...

372 KB

Reconstitution by the author of the Titanic (MGY) CW transmission at 40 WPM sending "CQD CQD SOS DE MGY MGY REQUIR IMEDIAT ASISTANC POSITION 41.46 N 50.14 W"

DRM stations




1 MB

Radio Luxembourg on Nov 21, 2004 on 6095 kHz

443 KB

Audi sample of DRM speech in English

378 KB

Audi sample of DRM speech in French

1.4 MB

Audi sample of DRM sound

VoIP communications

612 KB

HamSphere (v3.0) communication between amateurs. Document HamSphere.

664 KB

EchoLink emergency QSO worked by KI4BTD (FL) on the K40BX-R VHF relay (VA) on Sep 17, 2003

64 KB

Welcome message on NH6XO-R relay located at Honolulu, Hawaii on Sep 17, 2003 recorded on Echolink

Radio amateurs in QSO




1.2 MB

Recording from Suitsat, alias RS0RS, delivered on the air on February 17, 2006 including the SSTV message in the second part. Recorded by VE6BLD on 145.990 MHz FM at 0143 UTC. Suitsat still worked that day until about 1059 UTC (received by N2SPI) then ceased trasmitting.

371 KB

Recording from Suitsat, alias RS0RS, delivered on the air on February 8, 2006. Recorded by VE6BLD on 145.990 MHz FM.

354 KB

Suitsat, alias RS0RS message (noisy with fading) delivered on the air on February 6, 2006. Recorded by VE6BLD on 145.990 MHz FM. The message is "This is suitsat-1 amateur radio station RS0RS. Greetings to the students around the world. This is a message from [...] to americans and the united states. We share a mutual excitement about the future of space travel. The USA special word is FREEDOM". 
The transmitter on-board Suisat was a Kenwood TH-K2 handheld transceiver emitting with 1W PEP. Its signal was loud and clear in all countries from PY, K, VE, NL, AU or ZS. Unfortunately, Suitsat batteries have frozen after 12 days. It ceased all transmission as soon as in voltage dropped below 9 V although the computer was still active down to 3 V. More information on AMSAT or PD0RKC.

564 KB

Fabiano, PY5RX working NA1SS (Bill McArthur) in February 12, 2006 at 13h12 UTC given him a status of receive conditions of Suitsat. 

1.4 MB

NA1SS (Bill McArthur) during his EVA after have launched Suitsat on February 6, 2006 asking capcom at Houston about receive conditions at ground. Capcom was also curious about Bill's 1000 radio amateurs contacts and how he manage his QSL. Recorded by PD0RKC.

1.15 MB

QSO between F5OUX and VK4CQ at 00:30 on May 21, 2015 on 28.430 MHz, skip distance of 23516 km, SSN=36. 10-element beam, 50W. NB. There was a radio blackout 72 hours earlier.

3.47 MB

QSO between F5OUX and ZL2OK, VK4CZ and ZL2FT on 28.430 MHz. 10-element beam, 50W.

1.88 MB

QSO between F5OUX and ZL3TEN/B on 28.228 MHz with 10W and l/4 vertical.



The US Television relaying the work of radio amateurs after the disaster of hurricane Katrina on August 29, 2005. The visioning requires an active Internet connection. 

399 KB

Bharathi Prasad, VU2RBI calling for help from Sri Lanka after the tsunami of december 26, 2004. She was in DX-pedition with VU4NRO on Andaman Island when the earthquake and the tsunami hit the region. She immediately shifted to an emergency operation. The emergeny network worked on the primary frequency of 14.190 MHz and on Echolink.

1.1 MB

ISS, QSO recorded on Aug 7, 2002 between Peggy Whitson, KC5ZTD, for NA1SS, and the European Space Center at Redu (B), ON4ESC on 145,200/145,800 MHz

103 KB

ISS, QSO recorded on Aug 18, 2002 between RS0ISS for NA1SS and VA2CST on 144,490/145,800 MHz

601 KB

Mir, QSO recorded on July 31, 1999 between Jean-Pierre Haignere on Mir and G0SFJ on 145,200/145,800 MHz (bilingual French - English)

615 KB

Communication with Mir recorded on Aug 5, 1999 (format VQF). Document Thierry Fricot.

960 KB

VK3UKF working VK3JOO via UO-14 ham satellite in FM on Feb 21, 2002

553 KB

VK3UKF working ZL1HAU via UO-14 ham satellite in FM

136 KB

EME QSO worked by IY4FGM/4 and F2TU at 2401 MHz (23 cm) in SSB

212 KB

EME QSO worked by HB9BBD and LX1DB in SSB

391 KB

EME QSO worked by G4DZU and OE9XXI in SSB

336 KB

EME QSO worked by DL0SHF and HE9ERC in SSB

228 KB

EME QSO worked by F1ANH in SSB

359 KB

EME QSO worked by W5UN in SSB

240 KB

EME QSO worked by HB9BBD and KD4LT in CW

222 KB

EME QSO worked by JA6CZD and HB9BBD in CW

65 KB

Meteor Scatter QSO worked by F6CRP in SSB

37 KB

Meteor Scatter QSO worked by LY2WRP in CW

1 MB

Aurora VHF QSO worked in CW by GM4VVX (QTH loc : IO74VA) and DL6YEH. The gosthy like sound (or lack of modulation) is typical of Aurora traffic

1.8 MB

F5OUX op. Cyril working in French CE6/CX1RP op.François in South Chili, 59+25 dB on 10-m band

1.9 MB

DF1CHB/AM op. Cyril working on 29.020 kHz AM as Pilot aboard a Boing 737, 300000 ft above West France

500 KB

ST2YL working W6IZT and G0KTV on 10m SSB

420 KB

Ali, PT7BZ, (RS=58) working YL Lisa, DL6LBD on 20m SSB. QSO recorded on 30 April 2003 on a Kenwood TS-570D connected to a 40-meter longwire.

298 KB

Ali, PT7BZ, working UA6AQS on 20m SSB. Same conditions as above

123 KB

VP8THU in South Sandwich island working GM4WJA on 10m SSB

1.9 MB

IARU contest 2003. R7HQ (ops RV1AW, Arno) working 77 stations in 16 minutes on 20m. Document RU1A

516 KB

CQ WPX Contest 2002, AL1G working KL7FH on 15m, recorded by KB9UWU

970 KB

CQ WPX Contest 2001, WL7E and WL7RA (on the RTX both VFOs simultaneously)

Professional activities

4.4 MB

BPL (CPL) interferences on HF ham bands generated by trials in Austria

1.1 MB

Arrival traffic with Atlanta Macey ATC on 121.35 MHz AM on April 19, 2004

1.0 MB

Arrival traffic with Atlanta Macey ATC on 121.35 MHz AM on April 19, 2004. YL ops

1.3 MB

Approach/departure traffic with Boston ATC on AM on April 19,  2004. YL ops

1.1 MB

Approach/departure traffic with JFK ATC on 127.4/135.9 MHz AM on April 19, 2004

Transmissions modes




273 KB

CW transmission at 5 words per minute (ON4SKY)

215 KB

CW transmission at 20 words per minute (CQ CQ DE ON4SKY 73). The main difference with the 5 WPM is the length of blanck separating each character that is reduced

146 KB

CW transmission at 40 words per minute (CQ CQ CQ DE ON4SKY ON4SKY)

480 KB

DK0WCY's CW transmission of spaceweather information on 10.144 MHz at 15 UTC

428 KB

Beacon transmitted by VA3GRR with 4 W output on 28.2056 MHz (signal RST=579)

17 KB

AT beacon transmitted on 228.87 kHz

69 KB

Signal transmitted in HF bands at 75 bauds

57 KB

RTTY Baudot transmission (50 bauds)

171 KB

RTTY Baudot transmission

59 KB

FAX transmission recorded in HF bands (also called SW FAX or HFFAX)

782 KB

FAX transmission (HFFAX test) at 240 lpm (Index of Co-operation IOC=288)

314 KB

ITA2 (RTTY) weather report transmitted at 50 bauds

301 KB

APT (Automatic Picture Transmission of weather image) from NOAA 14 (extract, 10 jul 2002)

35 KB

APT transmission of an infrared image from METEOR 3-05 (satellite in polar orbit)

20 KB

APT transmission of an infrared image (starting) from RESURS 01-04 at 120 lpm

259 KB

WEFAX (Weather Facsimile) transmission

4.5 MB

WEFAX  transmission recorded at 240 rpm (selecting the visible image) by Marius Rensen

20 KB

WEFAX transmission of a visible image (starting) from NOAA 14 at 240 lpm

120 KB

WEFAX transmission (starting) from METEOSAT

708 KB

SYNOP transmission by 10 swedish weather stations

4.1 MB

SYNOP transmission by Icelander weather stations recorded by Marius Rensen

69 KB

SSTV signal

106 KB

SSTV mode Martin1

805 KB

SSTV mode Martin1

2.5 MB

SSTV mode Martin1 recorded by Marius Rensen

314 KB

SSTV mode ML-320

151 KB

WWV time station signal

61 KB

WWVB signal

314 KB

WWV and WWVH signals. Documents Thierry Fricot.

118 KB

A packet radio bursts (1200 bauds) recorded by VK3UKF

79 KB

Packet transmission in PCSat mode with UO-40 ham satellite on March 24, 2003 worked by VK3UKF

256 KB


289 KB


361 KB


201 KB

PACTOR (200 bauds)

332 KB


196 KB


122 KB


586 KB

FSK (Frequency Shift Keying)

178 KB

PSK31 (Phase Shift Keying, 31 bauds) transmission in QPSK mode (CQ)

314 KB

THROB transmission, 4-Throbs/sec, center frequency 900 Hz

184 KB

MFSK16 FEC (Forward Error Correcting), a "super RTTY" based on THROB

91 KB

MT-63 (close to PSK31)

57 KB

GTOR transmission recorded in HF bands

140 KB


52 KB


256 KB

GMDSS, maritime safety system, recorded on 4.125 MHz

263 KB

DGPS transmission in QPSK mode

222 KB

DGPS transmission in MSK mode

314 KB

Feld-Hellschreiber transmission (amplitude modulated)

375 KB

Hellschreiber or Hell transmission (phase modulated)

177 KB

ACARS (Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System)

233 KB


182 KB

DCF77, Time station signal

142 KB

OTHR (Over The Horizon Radar)

58 KB

Q15X25 15 tones

224 KB

VFT (Voice Frequency Telegraphy)

166 KB

LORAN-C (Long Range Radio Navigation System)

324 KB

DECCA , HF Radio Navigation System

108 KB

NATO STANAG 4285 (encrypted)

152 KB

NATO STANAG 4285 (encrypted)

201 KB

ANDVT (Advanced Narrowband Digital Voice Terminal) used by US Gov. and Mil.

113 KB

GWEN (Ground Wave Emergency Network)

Technical demos




1.2 MB

Ten-Tec ORION 565 panoramic (stereo) audio

80 KB

TS-570D filters : N.R1 on, N.R1 off, N.R2 on, N.R. off in SSB, by JA6QXW

142 KB

TS-570D filters : N.R. off, N.R1 on, N.R2 on, N.R off in CW, by JA6QXW

123 KB

TS-570D filters : BEAT CANCEL on/off, by JA6QXW

111 KB

TS-570D filters : CW filter 200 Hz on/off, by JA6QXW

89 KB

TS-570D filters : TX Equalizer (3 built-in profiles), by JA6QXW

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