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Status of solar, geomagnetic and auroral activities

Real-time data

This page will refresh every 5 minutes from various observatories

NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center - Spaceweather - SpaceWeatherLive - N3KL - Weather Forecasts

Activity summary

Solar X-Rays :       Status

Geomagnetic Field :Status

WWV Bulletin

NOAA Solar and geophysical reports

SDO White light

6500 K (or Dunn)


EIT He II 304

60-80000 K


EIT Fe IX/I 171

1 million degrees

Low corona


External corona up to

8.2 million km from Sun

[Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) Atmospheric Imaging Assembly (AIA)
         			  image at 304 Å ]

WSA-Enlil Solar Wind Prediction

Planetary K index


Planetary K Index plot

VHF Aurora :


144 MHz E-Skip over Europe :


144 MHz E-Skip over North America :


Last ionogram from Chilton

    (require a free registration)

D-layer absorption (50-80 km aloft, HF and LW bands)

Below, the location of the gray line (terminator area in gray), auroral ovals (green) and maximum usable frequencies (MUF) for paths of 3000 km (cyan, in MHz)

Space Weather Overview

Space Weather Overview plot

X-Ray Flux (SWPC)

Geomagnetic activity

Hourly Aurora Forecast (map + data), NASA


30 Minutes Forecast


3 Day Forecast

Solar prominences

and CME

North Auroral Forecast Image

North Auroral Forecast Image

ACE Dynamic Profile of Earth's bow shock and magnetopause

Speed in the  magnetosphere (Vx in kms/)

See animations on NOAA website

Geospace 2d Cut Planes - Velocity

Density in the magnetosphere (p/cm3)

Geospace 2d Cut Planes - Density

Pressure in the magnetosphere (nPa)

Geospace 2d Cut Planes - Pressure

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