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Supernovae Search

Useful links (II)

Here are some samples of search charts including magnitudes :


supernova Chart


SAO Image


Photometric atlas

Clic on images to go to their respective web site

- Supernovae net

- The Open Supernova Catalog

- Near Object Position (NED)

- Supernova Type I and Ho (STScI)

- Supernova Cosmology (UCLA)

Supernova  regular observers


- The Supernova Story, Laurence Marschall, Princeton University Press, 1994

- Supernova: The Violent Death of a Star (SN1987A), Donald Goldsmith, 1989, Oxford University Press 

- Supernovae and Their Remants, Peter Brancazio/A.G.W.Cameron, 1969, Gordon and Breach Science Publishers

- SN 1987A and Other Supernovae, ESO workshop proceedings, 1990

- Photographic Atlas of Galaxies for SN Search (3 vol.), Manuel Alvarez; 1987-1992 (but display lowres images)

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