MAP - Magnitude Alert Projet

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MACE 2010 in Visnjan (Croatia)


The Asteroid world

History and structure of the Asteroid world 2004

Photometric characteristics of asteroids

Members of the groups and families in the cisjovian asteroid belt (minor planets N°1 to 65000) (Excel file zipped)

List of binary asteroids

List of H magnitudes changed by the MPC


The MAP : Magnitude Alert Project

Project created by Lawrence Garrett of the Minor Planet Section de l'ALPO and managed by Lawrence Garrett and Gérard Faure of the ALPO Minor Planet Section

MAP Report 1996-2009 - History and Future + Working guide (In French)

MAP Report 1996-2006 - History and Future + Working guide

Recapitulative list of the MAP Asteroids

MAP database, with all the measures (Excel file zipped)

File of the new MAP measures since the last update of the MAP Database

Annual MAP observation program

Comparative analysis of the MAP H magnitudes H and the changed MPC H magnitudes

List of MAP Object Approaches to Loneos Stars

MAP Alerts (Site of ALPO Minor Planet Section)