Space Probes

Mariner 10 - 1973/75 - "Mission to Mercury and Venus"

Calibrated images from the Mariner 10 mission to Mercury and Venus. Images were flat field corrected and processed using the Moon's spectral reflectance as a guide for Mercury's color. RGB data was derived from clear, blue , uv and orange filters, trying to approximate realistic colors as much as possible. For Venus, a yellowish global hue was assumed, and the image average tone was matched to that reference. Original Mariner 10 data available here:

Mariner 10 processed images

Camera data

Camera system data

Resolution: 832x700 px
Bit depth: 8 bits
Sensor: Vidicon


1 - Wide angle mirror
2 - Blue band pass
3 - UV polarizing
4 - Minus UV
5 - Clear
6 - UV
7 - Defocus
8 - Yellow band pass