Solar Observation       

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The Sun Today. Report, wolf number, pictures, ephemeris, galleries.


Daily Solar Observation. Data of the observations.
IMAGES.- Daily images in White Light, Calcium and H-alpha.
RADIO.- Radio Astronomy. Solar radio observations at 20.1MHz.
WOLF NUMBER.- Groups, spots and wolf number of every day of observation.
GRAPHICS.- Quarterly graphics of the solar activity. 
GALLERY.- Solar disk and active regions in White Light, Calcium and H-alpha. Eclipses, Transits, Sunsets...
COLLABORATE.- Section of collaborations with articles.
EPHEMERIS.- Solar Ephemeris. Tool for calculate the physical ephemeris and the Sun's position in the sky.
MANUAL.- How to observe the sun, sunspots classification, wolf number, templates, ... (Spanish)
DOWNLOADS.- Complete months (drawings and summary report).
LINKS.- Pages on solar observation, eclipses, auroras... (Spanish)
MAIL.- If you want collaborate or you have some doubt, suggestion... send me a mail.

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