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  1. sCMOS enfin abordable

    HiAs for the Discovery - they get lower noise by slower read mode (not that much wanted in lunar/solar imaging). IMX also has rolling shutter that can affect imaging.The small CMV300 or VITA aren't good as shooting at ultra-short exposures + high gain will give you worse images than shooting on typical exposure + lower gain.
  2. Test solaire IMX035/ICX445/EV76C560

    Nice results. I did shoot Moon in rolling/global on very short exposures with lowest gain and it was hard to find a difference (but the seeing was very very good). At 40ms + max gain + gain boost there was some noise (vertical like) - needed to shoot through 950 nm narrowband filter My latest pics are here: - http://www.rkblog.rk.edu.pl/astro/my_astro_images/show/slonce-08032012/ - http://www.rkblog.rk.edu.pl/astro/my_astro_images/show/ksiezyc-08032012/ Ximea may send me their two cams (e2v + CMOSIS) if they will find anything free from the batch that they are making now. Their API supports HDR for e2v CMOS, but not for CMOSIS (yet). They may be cheaper... but they seems to be hard to get due to that too :P[Ce message a �t� modifi� par riklaunim (�dit� le 12-03-2012).][Ce message a été modifié par riklaunim (Édité le 12-03-2012).]
  3. validation mode operatoire ADC

    ASH ADC: Motocryford -> Wheel -> TeleXtender (or Powermate) -> ADC -> Camera
  4. Nouveau capteur prometteur chez e2v ?

    MJPEG is not best, but still for the Moon at 100% quality setting I didn't noticed any problems with it - I got very sharp and detailed images. You could digg if those cams can do imaging in lin-log response mode.
  5. Nouveau capteur prometteur chez e2v ?

    Check my e2v Sapphire cam review
  6. uEye UI-1120 - That's the logarithmic NIT sensor but of an older generation. Note that those sensors don't have an exposure time (but provide better dynamic range than normal sensors using short+long exposure (like in CMOSIS) - if the signal isn't very weak).
  7. Maybe a H-alpha imager could check a logarithmic sensor? - http://www.new-imaging-technologies.com/news/2011.12/2011.12_NIT_Newsletter_NSC1105.html they do have evaluation boards, but not very cheap
  8. Basler Ace GigE CMOSIS 4000 - Q1 2012 Ximea USB3 CMOSIS 4000 - March 2012? (no software)1500-1800 EUR
  9. Nouveau capteur prometteur chez e2v ?

    Only planetary. It's rather not for DS as it doesn't have active cooling... but if the Ruby line will have ~3e RMS then maybe some vendor (like Atik?) will think about a DS version. That e2v Ruby and CMOSIS CMV should be (noticeably?) cheaper than latest Sony CCDs (ICX674/694ALG).
  10. Nouveau capteur prometteur chez e2v ?

    We - will see, sometime mid-March it should be available for the "test". Another one, USB 2 next month if someone won't buy it earlier 1280 x 1024 at 60 FPS... I need a SSD... And I would want to see a laptop saving 2048 x 2048 at 90 FPS
  11. Nouveau capteur prometteur chez e2v ?

    I got some prices... what do you say for less than 250 EUR for a USB 3.0 EV76C560 camera... O_O ? It's cheaper as it's subsidized to help promote new USB 3.0 cams/standard.
  12. Nouveau capteur prometteur chez e2v ?

    Color IMX035 is in QHY 132E - and one user used that and got noisy Moon images (although he thick-sharpened them to hide it).I should have the CMOSIS Basler and the IDS cameras for tests too Ximea also makes a CMOSIS cam, on USB 3 - http://www.ximea.com/en/products-news/usb3-industrial-camera . The 1" CMOSIS will be hot stuff for big Lunt users [Ce message a �t� modifi� par riklaunim (�dit� le 25-01-2012).][Ce message a été modifié par riklaunim (Édité le 25-01-2012).]
  13. Nouveau capteur prometteur chez e2v ?

    Hi I was looking for camera announcements with the new e2v chips and I found your posts... Note that EV76C660 is rolling shutter (bad in "bad" seeing) and EV76C661 is global (best - but lower QE). Check: http://www.e2v.com/e2v/assets/File/brochures-flyers/20832_EV76C660_61_v6_WEB.pdf IDS Imaging UI-1240LE with bit older EV76C560 is only ~516 EUR - bit less than D*K31 USB3/GigE versions however are much more expensive.