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  1. Astro-Physics accessories.

    Selling some AP items that's not used. I will consider offers from anyone that would like to purchase them all as a job lot. Astro Physics 8" Losmandy saddle plate, a top quality saddle plate that accepts Losmandy dovetail plates. £120 GBP. Astro Physics 6x7 35mm reducer #67RT. Boxed in very good condition, includes a t-ring although I don't know which camera it's for so it's a free item. £40 GBP. Astro Physics 6x7 Outer bayonet adapter for AP 2.7" thread #ADA2767. Boxed in excellent condition. £50 GBP. Astro Physics CCD Field Flattener Adapter, .75" for SBIG/FLI Cameras w/colour wheel. Boxed in excellent condition. £40 GBP. Astro Physics 2.7" Adapter threads onto 3.25" back of most 10" or larger Meade SCT's to use AP 2.7" accessories Part #ADASCTLM27. Boxed in excellent condition. £60 GBP.
  2. Orion StarShoot Autoguider.. In excellent condition. No disc included but I'm sure all the info required can be found online. £150 GBP includes shipping within the EU.
  3. Imaging Source DMK 41AU02.AS camera and accessories. In excellent condition and also includes a Lumicon extension tube. More info can be found on the link below. the camera also has it's box. The Imaging Source DMK 41AU02.AS Monochrome Camera (astroshop.eu) £225 GBP includes shipping within the EU.
  4. Selling a Hyperstar for standard Celestron C11. Includes the Hyperstar lens/counterweight for the C11, storm case and Canon and SX adapters This is not suitable for the C11 Edge. Reduced price, £650 GBP includes shipping. I will consider near offers thanks.