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  1. Is there a way to view a raw spectrum profile in ISIS? I recently had an oversaturated fully processed spectrum which had an EW way too low and the reason was saturated pixels. You certainly can check the pixel rows in ISIS calibration panel which I went back and did so I figured it was most likely the cause, but I had to view the profiles of individual subframes in another program to actually see the flux cut off at the top of the emission peak which is the conclusive evidence. My question then is there a way to do that in ISIS? Thank you Dave
  2. What is the correct way to measure SNR using the ISIS program for a short segment of continuum? For example let's say a 10 angstrom segment from 6650 to 6660, I click on the profile tab and then click on the FWHM tab but I am not sure how to do the measurement specifically for that segment. Also what do the 3 separate SNR numbers mean: " SNR, SNR(2) and SNR(3). What is the difference between those? Thanks! Dave