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Telescópio TS-Optics Ritchey-Chrétien Truss tube 10" f/8


Optical design : Ritchey-Chretien

Optical diameter: 250mm

Focal length : 2000mm

Focal ratio : f/8.0

Optics type : Hyperbolic

Glass material : Low thermal expansion glass

Resolving power : 0.46arc*sec

Focuser : 3" dual-speed linear bearing Crayford

Secondary mirror obstruction : 110mm

Secondary mirror obstruction by diameter : 44%

Secondary mirror obstruction by area : 19%

Mirror coatings/over-coatings : Enhanced Aluminum & Silicon Dioxide

Tube material : Carbon graphite

Length of optical tube : 29.5 in.

Weight, optical tube : 35.0 lbs.

Additional included accessories: D-style dovetail bars on top and bottom of OTA, Three built-in cooling fans on rear cell, Center-marked secondary mirror for collimation

Other features : One 2" and two 1" extension rings, Primary and secondary mirror covers, Battery holder for fans (requires 8 AA batteries)


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