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AAG TPoint Mapper (António Peres Gomes, 2007)

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Combined with TheSky6 Astronomy Software, TPoint provides you with the tools to efficiently analyze and improve the polar alignment and pointing accuracy of your computer-driven telescope. In concert, TheSky6 and TPoint, can rapidly (or automatically) select, target, and log telescope pointing data. TPoint can then graphically display the data in different formats to quickly reveal important characteristics of your telescope.

A high definition TPoint model (400 points) was performed in order to improve pointing accuracy of my Paramount ME. The model was obtained using the excelent software AAG TPoint Mapper (V 1.40).

High pointing accuracy and professional quality tracking (using Pro-Track) are now possible. With Pro-Track engaged unguided integrations of 5 and 10 minutes are easily done (with PEC). Some of the obtained results can be seen below (20070803).

AAG TPoint Mapper Run (mapping 400 points)

AAG TPoint Mapper settings

AAG TPoint Mapper Points definition

AAG TPoint Mapper Points List

Polar alignment information (389 point model)

TPoint data (6 terms)

TPoint data (15 terms)

Mapping run (The SKY 6 AAG TPoint Mapper)

5 min unguided integration (TMB152 F/8, ST-10XE) M57 (Pro-Track enabled).