Outreach activities

Outreach talks

Since 2005, I am regularly participating to outreach talks in various places. My first talks, during my first university years, were on diverses subjects like the "Neutrinos", "why Pluto is no longer considered as a planet ?", etc... Now my talks are focused on exoplanets.  Below are some of my outreach presentations.Photo by Christophe Gillier

Star grazing events

When not observing with ground-based or space-based professional facilities, I use to reveal the beauty of the night sky to a large public with my own Dobsonian telescope: a french-made SkyVision UC-400mm (f/3.88). I participated to many star grazing events since 2005 to promote science and astronomy to public and childrens. In particular, I've been showing the deep sky with my telescope in some particular places down town like in the docks in Bordeaux or in the Capitol place in Toulouse. I have also contributed to star grazing event in more remote place like in the Pic du Midi observatory.

Astronomical associations

I was also involved in several amateur associations in astronomy since my first university year:
For the International Year of Astronomy in 2009 (IYA09), I founded an association to organize star parties in the South-West of France, named ‘‘Rassemblements de l’Astronomie Amateur dans le Grand Sud-Ouest’’ (RAAGSO). This association still organizes every year in September a meeting of about 70±20 amateur astronomers, with night observations, conferences and workshop.

Pro/Am collaborations

I try to promote collaborations between professionals and amateurs (Pro/Am) astronomers, in astronomy, especially in exoplanets. I co-organized the 4th and 5th school of Astrophysics for Pro/Am collaboration.

Observing guide for amateur astronomers

To help amateur astronomers to observe by eye the most interesting objects in the nothern sky, I made a book that can be downloaded for free: "Guide d’observation pour astronomes amateurs".
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Last update: September 2018