I like to catch nice pictures of the night sky revealing the perpetual motion of the Earth. This way, I try to show to people living in cities, with lots of street lights, how beautiful is the night sky. I hope to convince people with my pictures that the night sky is a world heritage that should be preserved for future generations. I have been designated in 2012 as ESO Photo Ambassador, to help the European Southern Observatory to promote astronomy to public, with my pictures.

Below is a slideshow of my best pictures, of the night sky or great places on Earth I visited. More pictures from me can be found on my Flickr gallery. If you want to use some of my pictures, please contact me first.

Some of these pictures have been published in Astronomical Picture of the Day on 2009/03/24 and 2012/02/02 or as ESO Picture of the Week.

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When observing in observatories, I like to capture full-dome videos of the night sky. These videos are available for free on the ESO Full-Dome archive, and can be used for planetarium shows. Below is an example of such video, showing the SEST dish, from La Silla Observatory.