La Supernova 1999ec dans Ngc 2207

Tableau de Mesures et Courbes de lumière

Extrait de la Circulaire IAUC 7268

SUPERNOVA 1999ec IN NGC 2207 :
Modjaz and Li also report the discovery of an apparent supernova in NGC 2207 by the LOSS on unfiltered KAIT images taken
on Oct. 2.5 and 3.5 (both with SN 1999ec at mag about 17.9). SN 1999ec also appeared on an image taken on Sept. 20.5 (mag about
17.5). The new object is located at R.A. = 6h16m16s.16, Decl. = -21 22'09".8 (equinox 2000.0), which is 81".7 west and 12".1 north
of the nucleus of NGC 2207. A KAIT image of the same field on 1998 Oct. 14.5 (limiting mag about 19.0) showed nothing at the position
of SN 1999ec. SN 1975A also appeared in NGC 2207, which is a galaxy interacting with IC 2613.

Voir la carte de champ de la SN1999ec dans NGC 2207

Le suivi en images de la SN1999ec dans NGC 2207


Image de Roland SANTALLO (Observatoire de TAHITI-F.A.A.A), le 991010.966 : s99ecSA1

Image de Robin CHASSAGNE (Observatoire 173, St CLOTHILDE, La REUNION : s99ecCH1

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