La Supernova 1999el dans Ngc 6951

Tableau de Mesures et Courbes de lumière


Extrait de la Circulaire IAUC 7288 sur la Supernova 1999el dans NGC 6951
L. Cao, Y. L. Qiu, Q. Y. Qiao, and J. Y. Hu, Beijing Astronomical Observatory (BAO), on behalf of the BAO Supernova
Survey, report the discovery of an apparent supernova (mag about 15.4) in NGC 6951 on an unfiltered CCD frame taken on Oct. 20.45 UT
with a 0.60-m telescope at Xinglong station; an image taken on Oct. 21.44 yields mag about 15.0 (there is a knot at the location of SN
1999el on the Digital Sky Survey image and on previous BAO images, and the magnitude estimates include the brightness of the supernova
and the knot). SN 1999el is located at R.A. = 20h37m17s.83, Decl. = +66o06'11".5 (equinox 2000.0), which is 21".8 east and 8".4 south
of the nucleus of NGC 6951.

La galaxie est circumpolaire et la magnitude de la SN1999el peut atteindre suivant le cas: SN Ia: 13.0 ou SN II: 15.0 ou hypernova: 11.0.

Cliquer ici pour voir la carte de camp de la SN1999el dans NGC 6951.

 Voir l'image de référence de la SN1999el et de la SN2000E


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