La SN1999ex dans IC 5179

Tableau des mesures et Courbes de Lumière

Extrait de l'IAUC 7310

SUPERNOVA 1999ex IN IC 5179
R. Martin, A. Williams, and S. Woodings, Perth Observatory, report the discovery of a second supernova in IC 5179 (cf. IAUC
7272, SN 1999ee), found in an image taken on Nov. 9.51 UT in the course of the PARG Automated Supernova Search. Images obtained on
Nov. 10.52 and 14 show that the object is slowly brightening. SN 1999ex is not visible in a deep exposure taken on Oct. 25.58
(estimated limiting mag 19). Position for SN 1999ex from three unfiltered CCD images on Nov. 10.53 with the Perth 0.25-m Mike
Candy Telescope by J. Biggs and A. Verveer: R.A. = 22h16m07s.27 +/- 0s.02, Decl. = -36o50'53".7 +/- 0".3 (equinox 2000; mag about
18.5 +/- 1.0).
M. Hamuy, University of Arizona; and M. M. Phillips, Carnegie Observatories, report that a spectrum (range 350-1000 nm,
resolution 0.3 nm) of SN 1999ex, taken on Nov. 14.13 UT with the New Technology Telescope at the European Southern Observatory
(ESO), shows close resemblance to that of the type-Ic SN 1994I taken on 1994 Apr. 12 (3 days after V maximum; Filippenko et al.
1995, Ap.J. 450, L11). UBV images taken with the Cerro Tololo 0.91-m telescope by L. Gonzalez, E. Rubenstein, P. Candia, and L.
Strolger between Nov. 6 and 14 confirm the presence of SN 1999ex and reveal that maximum light occurred in all three bands on Nov.
13 at B = 17.3 and V = 16.6 (+/-0.1).

Voir la carte de champ de IC 5179, ou se trouve, également, la SN1999ee.

Le suivi en images de la SN1999ex









S99exCH1 991123.456


S99exPA1 991204.711 





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