La SN1999fz dans Ugc 8164

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Extrait de la circulaire IAUC 7314

SUPERNOVA 1999fz IN UGC 8164
T. Puckett, A. Langoussis, and D. George, Mountain Town, GA, report their discovery of an apparent supernova (mag 15.2) on an
unfiltered CCD frame (limiting mag 20.1) taken with the Puckett Observatory 0.60-m automated supernova patrol telescope on Nov.
18.40 UT. SN 1999fz is located at R.A. = 13h02m16s.34, Decl. = +78o32'29".4 (equinox 2000.0), which is 2".0 west and 1".3 south of
the center of UGC 8164. SN 1999fz was also present on unfiltered CCD frames taken on Nov. 21.98, but it does not appear on a Palomar
Sky survey image (limiting mag 20.0) taken on 1952 Oct. 22.


Le suivi en images de la SN1999fz dans Ugc 8164









S99fzBU1 991207.079

Christian BUIL

S99fzBU2 991207.079

Christian BUIL

U8164 991207.070

Christian BUIL


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