La SN1999gh dans Ngc 7328

Tableau des mesures et Courbes de lumière

Extrait de la circulaire IAUC 7328

SUPERNOVA 1999gh IN NGC 2986
S. Nakano, Sumoto, Japan, reports the discovery by Kesao Takamizawa, Saku-machi, Nagano-ken, of a supernova (mag 14.6) on
two T-Max 400-120 films taken with 5-min exposures on Dec. 3.806 UT (and 6 min later) with a 0.10-m f/4.0 lens. Takamizawa provides a
position for SN 1999gh of R.A. = 9h44m20s.2, Decl. = -21o16'13" (equinox 2000.0), which is east-northeast of the center of NGC
2986. Nothing is visible on 14 patrol films (limting mag 14.5-15.6) taken by Takamizawa between 1995 Jan. 1 and 1998 Nov.
26. Nakano also forwards the following precise position end figures, measured by Y. Kushida (Yatsugatake South Base
Observatory) from an unfiltered CCD frame taken by R. Kushida with a 0.40-m f/6.3 Schmidt-Cassegrain reflector on Dec. 5.819, when the supernova was at mag 14.8: 19s.75, 25".0 (which is 52" east and 15".8 north of the galaxy's center).

 Le suivi en images de la SN1999gh dans Ngc 7328





S99ghCH1 000109


S99ghCH2 000202


S99ghCH3 000204



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