SN 2000B


20000122.8 20000125.8

Fig 1. Spectra obtained with the Pic du Midi (France) T1M.
Images Francois COLAS, Agnès FIENGA and Christian BUIL.
Rainbow Optics grating (200 line/mm)
Focal reducer for a 24A/pixel dispersion spectrum.

Relative flux was calibrated with the AOV star HD45105 (VisualSpec software)

Note the presence of the Si II signature at 6200 A (type Ia supernova).

Fig 2. Spectrum obtained the 20000122.8.
T1M - Pic du Midi (France)

Fig 3. Spectrum obtained the 20000125.8.
T1M - Pic du Midi (France)

Fig 4. Comparison of the 20000122.8 and 20000125.8 spectra.

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