Supernovae - Year 2000

2000BNGC232060 2000cpAnonymous1 2000dxUGC177522
2000CNGC241521 2000crNGC539535 2000ekESO153-G276
2000ENGC695135 2000ctAnonymous0 2000eoMCG-2-9-30
2000PNGC496526 2000cuESO525-G0040 2000erAnonymous0
2000bsUGC107100 2000cvAnonymous0 2000evAnonymous0
2000cbIC11580 2000cxNGC524123 2000ewNGC38100
2000ceUGC419542 2000dbNGC39490 2000faUGC37700
2000cjNGC67532 2000djNGC73535 2000fbESO205-G110
2000ckIC43550 2000dkNGC38227 2000fdUGC2910
2000clNGC3318 (4)4 2000dnIC14680 2000feUGC48700
2000cnUGC110640 2000dpNGC11390    
(4) = R. Chassagne    

Fig 1. SN 2000 followed by Amateur Observers
3rd Column is the Number of available CCD Measures
and links to the Measures Page

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