Supernovae - Year 2005

2005A NGC958 02h30.7m -02d56m0 2005cyUGC11241 18h26.8m +51d09m5
2005E NGC1032 02h39.2m +01d06m0 2005daUGC11301 18h37.8m +17d33m7
2005F MCG+02-23-27 09h04.9m +13d34m0 2005dbNGC214 00h41.4m +25d30m14
2005J NGC4012 11h58.5m +10d01m0 2005dcNGC7107 21h42.4m -44d47m7
2005M NGC2930 09h37.5m +23d12m0 2005ddUGC2062 02h34.6m +01d21m5
2005O NGC3340 10h42.3m -00d23m0 2005deUGC11097 18h02.4m +26d03m22
2005Q ESO244-G31 01h30.1m -42d41m0 2005dfNGC1559 04h17.6m -62d46m32
2005U Arp299 11h28.6m +58d34m0 2005dgESO420-3 04h07.8m -29d51m6
2005W NGC691 01h50.8m +21d46m0 2005dhMCG+04-37-55 15h54.1m +23d08m13
2005Z NGC3363 10h45.2m +22d05m0 2005djUGC3545 06h50.0m +61d37m3
2005abNGC4617 12h41.1m +50d23m0 2005dkIC4882 19h40.4m -55d12m4
2005acAnonymous 13h39.9m +00d52m0 2005dlNGC2276 07h27.5m +85d45m6
2005adNGC941 02h28.5m -01d08m0 2005dmIC219 02h18.7m -06d54m3
2005aeESO209-9 07h58.3m -49d51m0 2005dpNGC5630 14h27.6m +41d15m20
2005afNGC4945 13h04.7m -49d34m0 2005dqUGC12177 22h44.8m +33d28m6
2005ahAnonymous 06h00.8m -58d35m0 2005dsUGC11064 17h57.7m +27d50m5
2005aiNGC2314 07h10.5m +75d21m0 2005dvNGC5283 13h41.1m +67d40m4
2005amNGC2811 09h16.2m -16d18m0 2005dwMCG-05-52-49 22h13.5m -27d33m3
2005aoNGC6462 17h44.8m +61d54m0 2005dzUGC12717 23h38.6m +05d26m4
2005aqNGC1599 04h31.6m -04d35m0 2005eeAnonymous 23h57.9m +32d38m2
2005asNGC3450 10h48.1m -20d51m0 2005ekUGC2526 03h05.8m +36d46m4
2005atNGC6744 19h09.9m -63d49m0 2005elNGC1819 05h11.8m +05d12m5
2005auNGC5056 13h16.2m +30d57m0 2005euAnonymous 02h27.7m +28d11m7
2005avNGC6943 20h44.6m -68d45m0 2005evUGC1990 02h31.1m +27d42m9
2005ayNGC3938 11h52.8m +44d06m43 2005ewAnonymous 03h39.4m +35d03m10
2005azNGC4961 13h05.8m +27d44m0 2005gkAnonymous 03h08.3m -04d12m3
2005baNGC3746 11h37.7m +22d01m0 2005glNGC266 00h49.8m +32d17m26
2005bcNGC5698 14h37.3m +38d27m0 2005gzMCG-01-53-22 21h05.3m -07d51m3
2005bdMCG+09-11-2 06h12.1m +51d52m0 2005hcMCG+00-6-3 01h56.8m -00d13m4
2005beAnonymous 14h59.5m +16d40m0 2005hfAnonymous 01h27.1m +19d07m4
2005bfMCG+00-27-5 10h23.9m -03d11m0 2005hgUGC1394 01h55.7m +46d48m3
2005bgMCG+03-31-93 12h17.3m +16d22m0 2005hjAnonymous 01h26.8m -01d14m4
2005bhUGC6495 11h29.7m +22d08m0 2005hkUGC272 00h27.8m -01d12m6
2005biMCG+07-34-36 16h27.4m +39d07m0 2005ipNGC2906 09h32.1m +08d27m28
2005bkMCG+07-33-27 16h02.3m +42d55m0 2005irAnonymous 01h16.7m +00d48m4
2005blNGC4070 12h04.2m +20d24m0 2005kbAnonymous 00h50.8m +00d51m4
2005boNGC4708 12h49.7m -11d06m0 2005kcNGC7311 22h34.1m +05d34m17
2005bqIC4367 14h05.6m -39d12m0 2005kdPGC 14370 04h03.3m +71d43m10
2005brIC5084 21h09.2m -63d17m0 2005keNGC1371 03h35.1m -24d57m14
2005bsAnonymous 20h10.2m -56d39m0 2005kfAnonymous 07h47.4m +26d56m5
2005bvAnonymous 14h24.1m +26d18m0 2005kiNGC3332 10h40.5m +09d12m6
2005bwUGC8539 13h33.5m +33d02m0 2005kkNGC3323 10h39.7m +25d19m3
2005bxMCG+12-13-19 13h50.4m +68d33m0 2005klNGC4369 12h24.6m +39d23m3
2005byUGC8701 13h45.8m +22d06m0 2005kxNGC3197 10h14.4m +77d49m1
2005cbNGC6753 19h11.4m -57d02m0 2005lsMCG+07-7-1 02h54.3m +42d43m10
2005ccNGC5383 13h57.1m +41d51m0 2005ltMCG+03-30-51 11h42.4m +20d07m7
2005cdIC651 10h51.0m -02d09m0 2005lvUGC2964 04h08.9m +27d12m3
2005cfMCG-01-39-3 15h21.5m -07d25m51 2005lxIC221 02h22.7m +28d15m7
2005chAnonymous 14h22.1m +02d00m0 2005lyUGC934 01h23.5m +30d47m10
2005cjESO114-14 01h54.7m -62d07m0 2005lzUGC1666 02h10.8m +34d59m4
2005ckAnonymous 13h02.3m +28d21m0 2005maMCG-02-13-13 04h49.9m -10d45m2
2005clMCG-01-53-20 21h02.0m -06d18m0 2005mcUGC4414 08h27.1m +21d39m2
2005cmIC5142 21h55.3m -65d31m0 2005meESO244-31 01h30.2m -42d41m11
2005cnNGC5061 13h18.0m -26d49m0 2005mfUGC4798 09h08.7m +44d49m3
2005coIC1496 23h30.9m -02d56m0 2005mgUGC155 00h16.7m +07d04m5
2005cpUGC12886 23h59.5m +18d12m0 2005msUGC4614 08h49.2m +36d08m2
2005crAnonymous 12h22.3m +12d24m0 2005mzNGC1275 03h19.8m +41d30m7
2005csNGC5194 13h29.9m +47d11m232 2005naUGC3634 07h01.6m +14d08m7
2005cuNGC6754 19h11.4m -50d38m5 2005zaM31 00h42.5m +41d17m16
2005cxIC178 01h58.9m +36d41m5     

Fig 1. SN 2005 with measures or images
4th Column is the Number of available CCD Measures
and links to the Measures Page

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