Supernovae - Year 2006

2006B UGC12538 23h21.2m +33d24m5 2006ebUGC771 01h13.7m -00d06m3
2006D MCG-01-33-34 12h52.6m -09d47m11 2006ecMCG-04-55-14 23h38.2m -20d47m3
2006E NGC5338 13h53.5m +05d12m29 2006edUGC9684 15h03.8m +42d07m6
2006F NGC935 02h28.2m +19d36m3 2006eeNGC774 01h59.6m +14d00m8
2006G NGC521 01h24.6m +01d43m7 2006efNGC809 02h04.3m -08d44m11
2006H Anonymous 03h26.0m +40d42m3 2006egAnonymous 02h32.9m +19d16m3
2006N MCG+11-8-12 06h08.5m +64d43m10 2006ehUGC2308 02h50.2m +47d03m2
2006P MCG-02-9-29 03h19.3m -12d06m2 2006eiNGC735 01h56.6m +34d11m5
2006S UGC7934 12h45.7m +35d05m7 2006ejNGC191 00h39.0m -09d01m12
2006T NGC3054 09h54.5m -25d42m28 2006ekMCG+04-52-3 22h05.2m +26d37m3
2006X NGC4321 12h22.9m +15d49m133 2006elUGC12188 22h47.6m +39d52m7
2006aaNGC3947 11h53.3m +20d45m6 2006emNGC911 02h25.7m +41d57m7
2006acNGC4619 12h41.7m +35d04m6 2006enMCG+05-54-41 23h10.1m +30d13m11
2006ajAnonymous 03h21.7m +16d52m9 2006eoMCG-03-12-15 04h33.4m -18d41m2
2006akAnonymous 11h09.5m +28d38m4 2006epNGC214 00h41.4m +25d30m12
2006apNGC6378 17h30.7m +06d17m3 2006etNGC232 00h42.8m -23d34m4
2006atAnonymous 13h12.7m +63d17m3 2006euMCG+08-36-16 20h02.9m +49d19m10
2006auUGC11057 17h57.2m +12d11m7 2006evUGC11758 21h31.0m +13d59m14
2006avESO356-22 02h57.8m -36d42m8 2006foAnonymous 02h32.6m +00d37m4
2006awESO85-G38 05h04.3m -63d35m10 2006fpUGC12182 22h45.7m +73d10m12
2006axNGC3663 11h24.1m -12d17m7 2006gcUGC3219 04h58.8m +06d58m4
2006azNGC4172 12h12.2m +56d11m3 2006giNGC3147 10h16.8m +73d26m13
2006baNGC2980 09h43.2m -09d37m9 2006gjUGC2650 03h17.6m -01d42m5
2006bbUGC4468 08h33.5m +41d31m4 2006grUGC12071 22h32.4m +30d50m6
2006bcNGC2397 07h21.3m -69d00m7 2006gtAnonymous 00h56.3m -01d38m4
2006beIC4582 15h45.7m +28d05m9 2006gyNGC1260 03h17.5m +41d24m3
2006bhNGC7329 22h40.3m -66d29m19 2006gzIC1277 18h10.4m +31d00m8
2006bkMCG+06-23-20 15h04.6m +35d58m6 2006hbMCG-04-12-34 05h02.0m -21d08m4
2006bnIC4926 20h00.3m -38d34m6 2006hnUGC6154 11h07.3m +76d42m3
2006boUGC11578 20h30.7m +09d12m4 2006irAnonymous 23h04.6m +07d36m4
2006bpNGC3953 11h53.9m +52d21m31 2006isAnonymous 05h17.6m -23d47m2
2006bqNGC6685 18h40.0m +39d59m3 2006itNGC6956 20h43.9m +12d31m9
2006byNGC5149 13h26.2m +35d56m2 2006ivUGC6774 11h48.2m +54d59m5
2006bzAnonymous 13h00.7m +27d58m3 2006jbUGC12897 00h00.6m +28d23m3
2006caUGC11214 18h22.9m +12d26m9 2006jcUGC4904 09h17.3m +41d55m39
2006cbNGC5541 14h16.5m +39d35m3 2006jdUGC4179 08h02.1m +00d49m3
2006ccUGC10244 16h09.9m +43d08m6 2006jeIC1735 01h50.9m +33d06m3
2006cdIC1179 16h05.4m +17d45m7 2006lcNGC7364 22h44.4m -00d10m8
2006ceNGC908 02h22.9m -21d14m41 2006ldUGC348 00h35.5m +02d56m4
2006cfUGC6015 10h54.0m +46d02m3 2006leUGC3218 05h00.7m +63d15m4
2006cgAnonymous 13h05.0m +28d44m3 2006lfUGC3108 04h38.5m +44d02m5
2006chNGC7753 23h47.1m +29d29m5 2006lgUGC2243 02h47.0m +39d01m3
2006ciESO182-G10 18h18.5m -54d42m13 2006lvUGC6517 11h32.1m +36d42m7
2006cjAnonymous 12h59.4m +28d21m2 2006mpMCG+08-31-29 17h12.0m +46d33m4
2006ckUGC8238 13h09.7m -01d03m4 2006mqESO494-G26 08h06.2m -27d34m10
2006cmUGC11723 21h20.3m -01d41m3 2006mrNGC1316 03h22.7m -37d12m8
2006coESO323-G25 12h52.7m -39d02m4 2006msNGC6935 20h38.3m -52d07m3
2006cqIC4239 13h24.4m +30d57m3 2006myNGC4651 12h43.7m +16d23m5
2006csMCG+06-30-79 13h45.6m +35d37m5 2006nrUGC3336 05h56.4m +85d55m3
2006cuUGC9530 14h47.7m +09d40m4 2006obAnonymous 01h51.8m +00d16m4
2006cyAnonymous 13h08.0m +26d07m3 2006oqAnonymous 11h44.0m +19d59m4
2006czMCG-01-38-2 14h48.6m -04d45m4 2006orNGC3891 11h48.1m +30d21m4
2006dcIC4596 16h16.1m -22d37m2 2006ouUGC6588 11h37.2m +15d26m4
2006ddNGC1316 03h22.7m -37d12m37 2006ovNGC4303 12h21.9m +04d29m8
2006deMCG-03-55-3 21h35.6m -19d02m2 2006owUGC3908 07h35.6m +66d25m4
2006dhUGC8670 13h41.7m +40d53m5 2006oxNGC6769 19h18.4m -60d30m4
2006diNGC439 01h13.8m -31d45m9 2006qnUGC4022 07h47.7m +48d13m3
2006dkNGC4161 12h11.6m +57d44m6 2006qoUGC4133 08h00.1m +56d22m4
2006dlMCG+04-31-5 13h05.3m +25d57m3 2006qpNGC5735 14h42.5m +28d43m3
2006dmMCG-01-60-21 23h41.8m -03d40m6 2006qqESO553-G36 05h19.8m -20d58m3
2006dnUGC12188 22h47.6m +39d53m4 2006qwAnonymous 03h08.8m +18d56m2
2006doESO470-G18 23h32.1m -27d44m2 2006rkMCG+05-17-19 07h16.4m +27d37m4
2006dpMCG-01-3-56 01h00.6m -07d59m13 2006rsIC28 00h33.2m -13d27m5
2006dqUGC11089 17h59.4m +58d33m3 2006srUGC14 00h03.6m +23d12m14
2006drNGC1288 03h17.2m -32d35m11 2006ssNGC5579 14h20.5m +35d12m3
2006dtNGC5681 14h35.7m +08d18m4 2006stNGC4017 11h58.7m +27d28m3
2006duIC1529 00h05.2m -11d29m8 2006suIC3772 12h46.9m +36d32m4
2006dvUGC12461 23h15.9m +05d08m4 2006tdAnonymous 01h58.3m +36d21m14
2006dwAnonymous 16h17.7m +34d58m4 2006teAnonymous 08h11.7m +41d33m12
2006dyNGC5587 14h22.2m +13d55m24 2006tfAnonymous 12h46.3m +11d26m3
2006eaUGC12134 22h39.6m +11d46m2     

Fig 1. SN 2006 with measures or images
4th Column is the Number of available CCD Measures
and links to the Measures Page

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