Supernovae - Year 2009

2009A Anonymous 01h52.7m -03d24m6 2009esIC1525 23h59.2m +46d53m2
2009B UGC4423 08h30.9m +74d41m5 2009euAnonymous 16h28.7m +39d33m9
2009E NGC4141 12h09.8m +58d51m35 2009evNGC5026 13h14.3m -42d59m6
2009F NGC1725 04h59.4m -11d08m5 2009faAnonymous 16h46.7m +75d15m1
2009G IC4441 14h31.6m -43d25m1 2009fiPGC50294 14h06.1m +11d47m5
2009H NGC1084 02h46.0m -07d35m5 2009fjESO267-16 12h06.4m -44d28m3
2009I NGC1080 02h45.2m -04d43m5 2009flAnonymous 16h25.2m +40d53m4
2009K NGC1620 04h36.6m -00d09m8 2009foAnonymous 15h06.6m +21d51m3
2009M NGC1028 02h39.6m +10d50m9 2009frNGC597 01h32.3m -33d30m1
2009N NGC4487 12h31.2m -08d03m8 2009fsUGC11205 18h19.2m +42d48m4
2009R Anonymous 11h51.2m +24d40m3 2009ftAnonymous 14h24.1m +07d46m3
2009X Anonymous 10h54.4m +59d02m3 2009fuNGC846 02h12.2m +44d34m2
2009Y NGC5728 14h42.4m -17d15m5 2009fvNGC6173 16h29.7m +40d49m2
2009Z Anonymous 14h01.9m -01d21m7 2009fwESO597-6 20h32.3m -19d44m1
2009aaAnonymous 11h23.7m -22d16m4 2009fxAnonymous 16h53.2m +23d58m8
2009abUGC2998 04h16.6m +02d46m6 2009fyAnonymous 23h24.1m +16d40m2
2009adUGC3236 05h03.6m +06d40m6 2009fzNGC6209 16h54.8m -72d35m2
2009aeMCG+04-39-17 16h39.5m +21d19m3 2009gaNGC7678 23h28.4m +22d25m4
2009afUGC1551 02h03.6m +24d05m7 2009gbESO447-37 14h47.4m -30d39m5
2009agESO492-2 07h11.7m -26d41m3 2009gcMCG-03-28-32 11h03.3m -16d46m2
2009aiUGC9757 15h11.6m +05d24m4 2009gdNGC5967 15h48.4m -75d41m2
2009ajESO221-18 13h56.8m -48d30m3 2009geESO101-18 16h56.9m -65d57m2
2009alAnonymous 10h51.4m +08d35m5 2009gfNGC5525 14h15.6m +14d17m43
2009anNGC4332 12h22.8m +65d51m31 2009ggPGC65919 21h01.5m -52d01m2
2009aoNGC2939 09h38.1m +09d31m5 2009ghMCG+12-18-2 19h29.3m +72d08m2
2009asESO447-37 14h47.4m -30d40m3 2009giAnonymous 19h10.3m +19d34m5
2009atNGC5301 13h46.4m +46d06m22 2009gjNGC134 00h30.5m -33d13m2
2009auESO443-21 12h59.8m -29d36m7 2009gkUGC11803 21h44.5m +14d54m5
2009ayNGC6479 17h48.4m +54d09m6 2009gsAnonymous 21h18.8m -05d57m3
2009bbNGC3278 10h31.6m -39d58m5 2009gtNGC3106 10h04.1m +31d12m3
2009bsNGC5163 13h26.9m +52d45m5 2009guESO68-12 15h54.8m -68d43m2
2009btUGC2542 03h09.4m +70d34m4 2009haMCG-01-7-24 02h37.0m -05d21m3
2009bvIC4199 13h07.3m +35d47m9 2009hdM66 11h20.3m +12d59m6
2009bwUGC2890 03h56.1m +72d56m14 2009heUGC10361 16h22.2m +57d16m3
2009byAnonymous 11h13.9m +04d18m3 2009hfAnonymous 00h37.4m -19d57m3
2009bzAnonymous 15h19.4m +11d04m13 2009hgAnonymous 12h54.7m -39d51m3
2009daAnonymous 21h42.1m -06d46m1 2009hhNGC1301 03h20.6m -18d43m1
2009dcUGC10064 15h51.2m +25d42m29 2009hiNGC7647 23h23.9m +16d46m4
2009ddNGC4088 12h05.6m +50d32m64 2009hkMCG-04-48-26 20h38.6m -25d07m1
2009doMCG+09-21-22 12h35.0m +50d51m8 2009hlAnonymous 17h31.2m +36d26m3
2009dqIC2554 10h08.8m -67d02m2 2009hmNGC7083 21h35.7m -63d54m9
2009drAnonymous 14h44.7m +49d44m6 2009hnAnonymous 02h32.0m +01d15m3
2009dsNGC3905 11h49.1m -09d44m4 2009hpMCG+01-08-30 02h58.4m +06d36m5
2009dtIC5169 22h10.2m -36d06m2 2009hqNGC4152 12h10.6m +16d02m1
2009eeIC2738 11h21.4m +34d20m4 2009hrAnonymous 00h40.6m +03d32m4
2009elESO269-74 13h14.3m -46d07m4 2009hsNGC6521 17h55.8m +62d36m8
2009emNGC157 00h34.7m -08d24m2 2009hzUGC11499 19h56.8m +49d53m3
2009enUGC9515 14h46.4m +13d01m7 2009ibNGC1559 04h17.7m -62d47m1
2009epAnonymous 13h52.2m +02d19m4 2009icMCG-01-13-033 04h53.3m -03d01m1
2009eqAnonymous 18h40.1m +40d08m7 2009idAnonymous 19h16.6m -46d41m1
2009erAnonymous 15h39.5m +24d26m4     

Fig 1. SN 2009 with measures or images
4th Column is the Number of available CCD Measures
and links to the Measures Page

Last Update 23 Aug 2009
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