The annular solar eclipse of the October 3th 2005
near Madrid, Spain

With some friends of mine we went to Madrid, Spain to saw the annular solar eclipse. The exact location was on the central line near the village of Orusco, about 50km est of Madrid.

The pictures were taken with a Canon Eos 300D camera, a Canon zoom lens 100-400 L IS and a piece of Baader Astrosolar filter.


phases_mini.jpg (4033 octets)
2nd_contact_mini.jpg (4007 octets) The 3nd contact


My friends

Nathalie (my girl friend) nathalie_01_redimensionner.JPG (13266 octets)     nathalie_02_redimensionner.JPG (25430 octets)
Isabelle isabelle_01_redimensionner.jpg (25265 octets)
Cedric cedric_01_redimensionner.JPG (28227 octets)     cedric_02_redimensionner.JPG (24292 octets)
Frederic fred_01_redimensionner.JPG (25249 octets)    fred_02_redimensionner.jpg (28397 octets)
Antonio antonio_01_redimensionner.JPG (22505 octets)
Gilles gilles_redimensionner.JPG (18023 octets)
Jean-Pierre jean-pierre_01_redimensionner.jpg (21019 octets)     jean-pierre_02_redimensionner.jpg (31264 octets)

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