My backyard observatory


In 2003 I bought a C14 and the telescope is so heavy (more than 100kg with the mount) that, I immediately thought building a observatory.
It was difficult to choose what kind of observatory I need. But this page give numeros exemples and this helped me a lot. You can click on pictures to see largeur ones.


observatory_01_redimensionner.JPG (7124 octets) The pier was bought for the weight at a scrap merchant. It's from a cast iron street lamp pier, and the weight is 80kg. What a nice reconversion!
observatory_02_redimensionner.JPG (31397 octets) My girl friend helped me boring the hole for the pier's foundations.
observatory_03_redimensionner.JPG (10051 octets) The outer covering for the electriques cables and the steel rods for concrete.
observatory_04_redimensionner.JPG (26084 octets) The concret is done the August 7th, 2004. The concrete block is 60x60x60 cm, and the weight is almost 300kg
observatory_05_redimensionner.JPG (26584 octets) The very first light of a new observatory
observatory_06_redimensionner.JPG (26772 octets) Start of the floor building
observatory_07_redimensionner.JPG (28149 octets) A little later...
observatory_08_redimensionner.jpg (17755 octets) The floor is done!
observatory_09_redimensionner.jpg (18166 octets) The structure for the telescope house. You can see the four wells to move the house.
observatory_10_redimensionner.jpg (19090 octets) The walls and the roof was finished

The doors was added, and the telescope is now bigger


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