My T400 telescope

Here are some pictures about my personnal telescope. It is a 400mm diameter f/3.5 telescope. It use a 3" Wynn corrector. Both mirrors are made of Schott zerodur glass. The Primary mirror was polishing by Jean-Marc Lecleire, a french skillful optician.

In 2015, the telescope is now white. Here, it is in my personal observatory (Savigny le Temple, UAI B00), on my personnal Valmeca VMA200 equatorial mount. Clic on picture to see a larger one.
On the telescope, you can see, an FSQ-106n refractor using for wide field imaging, a Vixen achromat 80/1200 for solar observing, and a DMK camera as electronic finder for remote operation.

In 2013, a long light bafle and a stronger focuser plate was added.
Here it is shown into Pierre Antonini observatory and on a SkyVision direct drive Nova 120 mount.
All the telescope, and all the mount, were designed, calculated by me. I made also all the assembly and ajustements.

In 2009, the secondary mirroir was added. The mirror can rotate in front of up to 4 foci.

The first version, in 2008:
Direct focus plane (without secondary miroir)


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