Takahashi FS serie


The FS refractor serie is the substitute of the old FC serie. As optical coating making progress to protect lens, Takahashi was able to put the fluorite lens in front of the doublet. Like this, a better color corection can be reach. The availables sizes 60, 78, 102, 128 and 152mm

fs_lens1.jpg (11937 octets)

FS 60 (1999)

Optical System: Fluorite doublet
Aperture: 60mm
Effective Focal Length: 355mm (f/5.9)

fs60_1999_redimensionner.jpg (3099 octets)    fs60azr3_redimensionner.jpg (6646 octets)


FS 78 (1994)

Optical System: Fluorite doublet
Aperture: 78mm
Effective Focal Length: 630mm (f/8.1)

fs78_em1_1994_redimensionner.jpg (3515 octets)  FS78A_redimensionner.jpg (2306 octets)


FS 102 (1994 and 2005)

The origialversion came in 1994. In 2005, we can saw a new version, which name is FS 102 NSV (for New Short Version). This is the same doublet and the shorter tube allow using a bino viewer.

Optical System: Fluorite doublet
Aperture: 102mm
Effective Focal Length: 820mm (f/8)

   fs102_cr1_redimensionner.jpg (3231 octets)   fs102_em10_1994_redimensionner.jpg (5853 octets)   fs102_ob1_redimensionner.jpg (3156 octets) FS-102NSV_redimensionner.jpg (3332 octets)
FS 102 FS 102 NSV


FS 128 (1994)

Optical System: Fluorite doublet
Aperture: 128mm
Effective Focal Length: 1040mm (f/8.1)

fs128en11_redimensionner.jpg (2662 octets)


FS 152 (1997)

Optical System: Fluorite doublet
Aperture: 152mm
Effective Focal Length: 1216mm (f/8)

fs152img_redimensionner.jpg (5987 octets)  fs152jp4_redimensionner.jpg (2437 octets)   fs152kouziku_redimensionner.jpg (5071 octets)   fs152setugan_redimensionner.jpg (4501 octets)   fs152zentai_redimensionner.jpg (1961 octets)