The Venus Transit of the June 8th, 2004

The pictures of this webpage were taken at home, at Savigny le Temple (35km south-east of Paris) with a Celestron 14 (OD 356mm) telescope at f/11 (focal lenght is 3910mm). The filter is a Visual BaaderAstrosolar (Density 5). The pictures were taken with a modified Vesta Pro Webcam with a black and withe ccd ship in "raw" mode. Each picture is the result of a video of 15s at 5 picture/s (75 pictures) and the pictures were aligned and stacked without selection. The processing is a light unsharp mask, contrast/luminosity adjust and colorisation.

venus2_sogorb.jpg (49259 octets) Venus in front of the sun


A little sequence of the end of the transit (we can spot the Venus's atmosphere)

sortie_venus_sogorb.jpg (73504 octets)


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