by Christian Buil

The Solar Explorer  - October 25,  2023


The Solar explorer

Let’s give colors to the Sun!

Sol’Ex will allow you to observe the surface of our Star in various spectral lines: hydrogen, calcium and many other ones. 

Sol’Ex is a very compact astronomical instrument, weighting less than 500 grams, easy to install on your refracting telescope, this to take spectacular images of the Sun surface.

It is a complete, fun, progressive project, accessible to any curious individual, ideal to run within an astronomy club, or even to introduce young people to the spectroscopy marvels in a science class at middle/high school. 

Despite its simple design, Sol'Ex is capable of performing professional observatory class observations!

The Sol’Ex manufacturing is based on the 3D printer technology. Totally and definitely DIY (Do It Yourself)! 

This website will provide you with all the necessary information. Easy and efficient step by step methodology.

Enjoy your discovery of this world made of light!

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