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Fine print (sort of)

With the notable exception mentionned hereunder, these routines can be freely downloaded and used, even in a commercial (for profit) context; credits to the author will be appreciated.

Author's copyright in the routine files is only related to that work the author did on them, e.g. translating them to Basic, correcting them when  the original had errors, commenting them, etc; for some routines the original copyright (e.g. Microchip's) remains.

"Rendons à César ce qui appartient à César"...



If your second (family) name is "Lathrop" and your first name is "Olin", then it is specifically demanded (in the "strong" anglo-saxon meaning of the term rather than in the mild french original meaning that may be translated by "polite and humble request")  that you politely and humbly request a special authorisation for downloading these files -it may even be granted to you -.


DS1820 PicBasic Pro routines

27 février 2004: DS1820 routines have been updated, and now include validity check by CRC computation.

Download the DS1820 routines

Download the DS1820 test program

i2c Slave PicBasic Pro routines

Download the first "pic as an i2c slave" routine, "i2cInt.pbp"

Download the "pic as an i2c slave" routine, "Proc_i2c.pbp"

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