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Nicolas Outters

2e sondage pour achat groupé Pixinsight

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Bonjour à tous,

Le 2e sondage est annulé, voici la réponse de Pleiades Astrophoto :
Hi Nicolas,

I am sorry to say this, but we have decided to stop offering volume discounts. The reason for this decision is that more and more groups of people have been asking for similar discounts and special conditions recently, to the point that we no longer can manage the situation. This is particularly problematic because many of these groups are being organized ad-hoc just to get cheaper licenses, and also considering that we have not raised our license price for several years. To give a fair treatment to everybody, we have decided to stop providing volume discounts, at least while we find a more coherent and 'robust' solution.

Nicolas Outters
Président AIP

[Ce message a été modifié par outters (Édité le 27-11-2016).]

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