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I've just started to try and learn how to use ISIS-I have V5.9.3. For starters I have a fits image of Vega and a file on Desktop named Vega_06_29_2020 with that image. On SETTINGS  I enter [Alpy 600(without calibration module)] and on WORKING DIRECTORY I find the file on Desktop and enter it.  I then go to IMAGE and click on [SEARCH/File] icon, click on 'Vega_06_29_2020' and the spectrum appears on the screen, along with 'Vega_6_29_2020' in 'Image Name'. I then click on 'Display' and I get an error ' X file c:\users.... not found'. Any tips on what to do?



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Hello Pierre,

Thanks for response. I not quite sure what a "working directory" is. I have some files with spectra that I have captured and placed in folders-B Spectra, WR Spectra, etc. I then placed these files into a file named "Spectra" and then placed "Spectra" as my working directory. Clearly I'm not doing this correctly.

Again Thanks


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"working directory" for Isis is where he find the files to work, and where he place the new files Isis'creation.

So you can create directly a file named "Spectra" in C disk :  "C:\Spectra"    and put directly the files spectra (a copy to keep the original from folders B-Spectra, WR Spectra...)

You don't create a folder in a folder, Isis can't find it.


Good tests


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