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I finally was successful in using Demetra in acquiring and doing the data reduction of a star, which, not surprising, was Vega. My main obstacle, before, was calculating the SMILE in the GEOMETRY section, but it worked this time. When I did the RESPONSE the IR didn't look quite right, but otherwise things seemed to work. I wanted to attach a copy of my profile, but when I clicked CHOOSE FILES nothing happened. It was the first time that I used the guiding module and my mount was tracking well enough that Vega stayed in the slit during the entire exposures, which were 5-15 s frames. To get the exposure I took single exposures and increased the time until I got an over saturation warning and then decreased to the last exposure time. My focusing could have been better. I then tried Beta Lyrae, since I was in the neighborhood, got a couple of under exposed spectra, and no success doing the data reduction. Again, since I was in the neighborhood, I got a quick shot of M 57 and was not able to use Demetra to get a profile, but used RSpec with some success. It was a bit noisy, exposure off, but my first spectrum capture of an extended object. Next on my list is learning to use PHD 2 to help in tracking.





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